Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pike video

Don't laugh. Or, go ahead and laugh. I've been messing around with video. It is pretty shaky and not too creative. But it gives you an idea what I've been up to. I didn't get any big fish this day, but a couple for the camera.


  1. Great video. Tells a different story than pictures do. Gives me some ideas for doing some filming. Wish my SLR camera had a film function.

  2. I know, I shot this with a Kodak ZX5 that I recently purchased. That dip in the river a while back officially ended the life of my camera. Good riddens as the view finder had not been working for a while anyhows.One of the reasons I've been interested in video is that I keep missing good photos when I'm fishing alone. I was thinking of taking short videos of caught fish and then taking still images from those vides for pictures. I'm in testing mode, quality is a concern, but I've never taken a high quality photo anyway.